The Automatic Operation of Ideology


My partner told me that people have already started to concoct conspiracy theories about the man who just killed some people with his car on Bourke St in Melbourne. Apparently this man is a terrorist in the employ of ISIS or Al Qaeda.

Isn’t it amazing how over a decade of hysteria and propaganda about Muslims and the Middle East has prepared people to do the bidding of the ruling class? Marx and Engels in theĀ German Ideology were absolutely right. The ruling ideas really are those of the ruling class. Huge layers of the population have been trained to believe in a perpetual crisis brought about by tricky and insidious evil people who come from a land far away.

The material conditions under which we live turn the current prevailing ideology into a sort of feedback loop. The mainstream media and the deep state got it all moving, but now people are able to use their creativity to invent new toxic narratives about how our way of life is under attack.

We have to do something about this.