A Bit of An Update


I am going to start using this blog for more personal topics. I am in the process of deactivating my Facebook, and probably moving off Twitter too. An open source microblogging platform called Mastodon seems to be becoming pretty popular, so I may move onto there. Even then, I think might not even conduct an online presence onĀ that platform.

Getting Rid of My Smartphone

I have been struggling with some pretty bad social media habits for a long time, and I am going to do my best to expunge myself of them. Frequently, when I am out with my fiancee, I will be glued to my phone, and will only respond to her with grunts. I have an almost smoker-like addiction to checking my phone on the bus, while sitting, while standing, while talking to friends… I need to change this behaviour. So I have a few resolutions:

  1. Eventually get rid of my smart phone and start using a phone that just makes calls and sends SMSs.
  2. Until then, leave my phone at home for the vast majority of the errands and trips I have to make out of the house.

I frequently find myself scrolling through endless posts of meaningless content, and I don’t remember or cherish the time I spend uselessly using my phone.

Trying to Get Secure

We now have a metadata retention system operating over the entire internet in Australia. For Communists like me, this isn’t a good thing. I want to make sure I keep my privacy while I communicate and organise online. I have a comrade back in Perth who knows a lot about cyber security, so I am going to ask him to help me secure my internet connection and try and reduce as much of the surveillance and data collection on my online activity as possible. To this end I have a third resolution:

  1. Become as secure as I can online.

Use This Blog as Much as Possible

I am finding that many of the interventions I make online only have temporary significance, and end up getting washed away in the huge sea of information that the Facebook or Twitter newsfeed aggregates. I’d like my comments on political issues to have a more permanent effect, and be easier to find and return to. This blog is a great platform for achieving this intention. I can locate every post I make in chronological order in the WordPress dashboard, which is something you can’t do on Facebook or Twitter, or any social media platform, for that matter.

I am working on a lot of projects at the moment, and I’d like to be able to keep track of them all, and reflect on them a little more carefully and rigorously. I can definitely do that on this blog. Perhaps for my own peace of mind, I can list the projects I’m working on here:


That about covers it. The projects I am working on don’t have to become formed into resolutions, because they don’t necessitate big changes in my day to day habits. They’re ongoing commitments that require occasional attention. The resolutions I am committed to require constant attention and radical departures from my old ways of behaving.