My Old Laptop


The portable computer I carry around with me isn’t a tablet, it’s an old laptop from 2011. It’s a Dell Inspiron. It has quite possibly been the most reliable computer I have ever had in my life. It has had multiple Linux distributions on it, and I have brought it with me to multiple different countries and continents.

I have a consumerist streak in me, so I was thinking about replacing it the other day, but the more I contemplated the issue the less I supported my original intention. This laptop has served me well, and I’d be very upset if it ever stopped working.

The last laptop I had was the exact same model, and I had to replace it with this one in 2014 because I dropped it and the screen ssmashed. I had an embarrassing moment at the repair shop when they linked the broken computer to a monitor and saw all the communist websites I had been browsing. Very funny.

In any case, I am now exhausted. I just had a long party branch meeting and I am getting up early tomorrow morning to hand in my nomination forms to go on the ballot paper for the local council election I am running in.

I should probably write more about that.