More Detailed Ideas for a Game About Revolution

  1. Quick skill tester game to determine the initial strength of your revolutionary forces
    1. Your guerrillas follow you in a line, and the length of the line is determined by the skill tester
      1. OR the guerrillas could be displayed as icons on a panel on the bottom of the screen
    2. You’ve now landed on a beach. You need to avoid detection. This is a stealth mini-game. You need to sneak past Batista’s soldiers combing the beach. You have three grenades you can use to stun guards and sneak past them. It is a maze.
    3. Next you must attract a peasant guide. There will be several screens you can traipse through, and you will come across a randomly generated number of peasants. Each peasant you come across will have a randomly generated level of sympathy for you.
      1. Most peasants will not trust you, and will transform into a group of Batista soldiers you need to run away from. The soldiers will chase you until you run through three screens. You can use grenades to slow their path.
      2. The number of revolutionaries you have with you will determine the average level of sympathy peasants will have for you. This is just a guide. The lower the number of revolutionaries you have, the more erratic the distribution of sympathy will be among the peasants.
      3. Peasants will be coloured according to their sympathies. The more red their colour, the more sympathetic. The more brown, the more likely they will be to be an informant.
      4. There will be randomly generated groups of Batista soldiers in the mountains, and these soldiers you can defeat. If any kind of Batista soldier touches you, you will lose HP on your guerrillas. Each guerrilla has 3 HP.
        1. If you touch a group of roaming Batista soldiers, you enter another skill tester game.
        2. Your number of guerrillas will face off against the randomly generated number of soldiers.
        3. You face off as two snaking single-file lines of soldiers. The point of the game is to shoot the other line of soldiers starting from the end of the line. The soldiers snake from the top to the bottom of the screen, and then snake around the screen. You can move your line of guerrillas anywhere around the screen, and you shoot in the direction you last moved.
        4. When you shoot the end of a line of soldiers, they break off the line and then fire at you when you enter their 90 degree field of vision.
        5. There will most likely be anywhere from 3 to 5 soldiers.
        6. Once you have separated all the snaking Batista soldiers, you enter a new phase and must grenade them. Once they are grenaded they disappear and you re-enter the jungle.
        7. Each soldier you have has 3 HP. If they get hit they turn progressively black, and when they lose all their HP they drop off your line, and it becomes one soldier shorter.
        8. If you lose all your soldiers in this mini game, you are returned to the jungle with one of your soldiers having lost 1 HP
        9. If you manage to beat all the Batista soldiers, you have the chance to recruit a new revolutionary from the jungle.
      5. The lower down the mountain range, the more Batista soldiers. The distribution of peasants will be even, however.
    4. A peasant with high affinity will lead you right to the other side of the Sierra Maestra, to the next battle, the Battle of Las Platas
    5. A peasant with a low amount of affinity will take you part of the way there before ditching you. There will be an animation showing the peasant guide ditching you, and returning you back to the Jungle, where you must repeat the process of finding a new guide.


  1. This will be like a tower defence game.
  2. There will be three waves.
  3. First wave: three snake/lines of Batista soldiers. Second wave: three snakes, then two snakes shortly afterwards. Third wave: A very strong/thick snake that takes three times as much damage.
  4. Defeating a snake of soldiers will add bonus guerrilla sentries.
  5. You will use a cursor to