Music Cassette Review: A Band Called Horse


“Shooting Up – Is Fucking Cool”

This is a terrible music cassette. Both sides of the tape have strange ambient humming. There is no discernible music or structured content on this entire tape. It feels as if this tape was recorded while some people strummed a guitar and played electronic sounds across the other side of the room. It really feels as if the noise was recorded on the other side of a living room because the audio level on this tape is very quiet.

I would not recommend buying this tape. I assume you’re meant to do some drugs while listening to this tape because the sounds on the tape seem pointless. There does not appear to be any discernible meaningful content on this tape if you listen to it while you are sober, which is what I did.

The cassette shell has some interesting colourful artwork, so that’s a plus.

Personally, I think this cassette was a waste of money, and I would not recommend anyone to buy it.

The cassette was distributed through Albert’s Basement. Apparently it was recorded in 2004, by the band A Band Called Life, as a promotion for one of their album or single releases. You can find the listing on the website in the website’s store.