My Comrade’s Opinion’s on Battlefront 2 (2017)

  • I hate that the game doesn’t tell you what your ping is.
  • I hate that the chat box is so unresponsive that you have to wait a little bit to type into it.
  • I hate that you can throw a grenade, watch it go out, but if you die shortly thereafter, the grenade magically vanishes.
  • I hate that if you’re using a hero that has no lightsabre, you can get stunlocked by someone that does, and you can’t even roll out of the way while under attack. You just get to stand there and die.
  • I hate that squads are so meaningless and buggy, that you can get your 2x multiplier without being anywhere near your squadmates.
  • I hate that there is no communication. No voice macros. No teamwork. No voice comms. – Nothing.
  • I hate that the LAAT can fuck people up so quickly, even if it is made of paper. They’ll just respawn it again immediately with how easy it is to get points in the damn thing.
  • I hate how on Endor you can spend all game saving up BP for a hero only to immediately get run over by some fucker on a speeder bike.
  • I hate how when spawning a starfighter the spawn can be camped so easily that you can almost be destroyed before you can move.
  • I hate that there are no effective ground-to-air weapons.
  • I hate that starfighter dogfights come down to whoever has the highest turn rate.
  • I hate that the starfighter hitboxes are so badly done that you are regularly instantly destroyed by nothing at all.
  • I hate that in the LIAV and Speeders, the vertical axis aiming is completely fucked up and unresponsive. Fuck know’s why.
  • I hate that on Jakku, First Order specialists can snipe directly into the resistance’s spawn.
  • I hate that you can’t check your milestone progress while ingame.
  • I hate that infiltrate’s revealing of enemies on the radar just seems to stop working for entire matches for no reason, regardless of enemy jammers.
  • I hate that when in overtime capturing two points, as soon as you capture one of the points, if you don’t have someone contesting the other point, you immediately lose. You are essentially punished for capturing a point in this situation.
  • I hate that if you save up a lot of BP, but beat the enemy too easily, you don’t get to use that BP because the match ends too early. Winning feels like losing.
  • I hate that the game’s aesthetics are so amazing, but the game, level and UI design are so awful.
  • I hate how often when being attacked, there is no fucking feedback at all beyond your health dropping.
  • I hate that on maps like Yavin, you can grind up shitloads of BP by just farming those stupid AI starfighters. You even get “playing the objective” points sometimes for it. WAT.
  • I hate that EA won’t just fucking put in some fucking decent cosmetics. Pink Vader? Shut the fuck up.
  • I hate how you even when the phase transition has already begun, you can still spawn a vehicle that isn’t available in the next phase only to be told immediately after fucking spawning it that you are only going to be able to have it for thirty fucking seconds. JUST DISABLE IT AS SOON AS THE PHASE TRANSITION BEGINS JESUS CHRIST.
  • I hate that my Chewbacca is level 17 or some shit even though I haven’t unlocked him because of this ass-backwards random lootbox starcard bullshit progression system.
  • I hate how useless imbalanced so many of the skills are. Blaster turrets are so shit. Homing shot is useless. There are just a few starcards for every class that everyone gravitates to.
  • I hate how there’s no feedback for cooperative actions. Like the “Officer’s Presence” starcard that reduces hp regen delay for nearby allies. Nearby? HOW CLOSE? How is it that you only know that it’s working because your +BP number goes up? Why not a little BP pop-up like when you get a kill or assist or something? Fuck me dead.
  • I hate how ALLIES are sometimes outlined in RED as though they’ve been spotted? This shit is fucking confusing.
  • I hate how when you tag an enemy with thermal binoculars, they don’t stay outlined for YOU. Like how are you supposed to know whether you’ve spotted them for other people, or that the spotting is even working?
  • I hate that Darth Vader literally has an ability you should almost never use because it’ll just get you killed. Imagine all the poor newbies that are all giddy for the first time getting to play Vader, only to get themselves killed because they try to choke someone. Fucking terrible gameplay experience right here.
  • I hate how unresponsive the UI is in the main menus. You have to wait for all the damn animations to ‘settle’ before you can click anything. It’s irritating.
  • I hate how if you start up the game, then go to the multiplayer menu too quickly, the game goes WHOAA HOLD YOUR HORSES BUDDY and sends you back to the main menu, sometimes causing you to click on some shit you didn’t mean to.
  • I hate how if you change your region in the options, it will reset itself back to your default region seemingly at random. It’s 2017. Make your fucking settings persist.
  • I hate how many people are afk farming credits.
  • I hate that if the teams are imbalanced and a bunch of people leave one team, the underpopped team just has to suck it up and get destroyed for the rest of the match.
  • I hate that there is no team scrambling at all when pop imbalance occurs.
  • I hate that there is no votekick for cheaters, afkers, etc.
  • I hate that the only way to know whether there are no games up for a game mode is click on the option for that mode, wait a little bit to see if it finds a game and cancel, BUT DON’T WAIT TOO LONG, because then you’re gonna be loading a level and sitting in a game all by yourself.
  • I hate that I’ve done all the milestones in the ‘multiplayer’ category but I can’t claim the fucking last one anyway.
  • I hate that there is third person and first person perspective. Everyone just corner peeks like in PUBG and shit.
  • I hate how you hit escape to know what map it is. Just put it on the fucking scoreboard like every other game jfc.
  • I hate how the specialist’s A280 has a dual zoom attachment. It’s not a fucking sniper rifle. This is like a fuckin joke.
  • I hate how occasionally the chat just scrolls up on its own. LIKE FUCKIN WHY.
  • I hate how when someone shoots you from in front of you, the damage marker is.. to your side..

This game.

This fucking game.