I Have Been Forced to Use PCs and Intel


I was born in 1991 – my dad had always used Intel and IBM together. He had an IBM PC with a 8088.

Personally I find the x86 Intel platform ugly and unparsimonious. The design philosophies of the Ataris and the Amigas were much more beautiful.

The reason why we have enormous critical failure points and security weaknesses in Intel CPUs goes right back to the design concepts Intel used in the 70s.

I wish the 68000 had become the ancestor of our CPU hardware because it was a very beautiful design.

I have always hated PCs despite their fame and wide use. The reason they are widely used is not because they’re any better but because the effort of training yourself to use a different system is too high.

Microsoft and Apple both rely on the affective familiarity people have with their systems.

Personally, I would like to see more hardware diversity, less monopoly, and more cooperation.