Everyone Always Forgets About Hegel


We hear heaps about Heidegger, Deleuze, Badiou (less angry about you), Plato and Descartes… god forbid we always hear heaps about Hume in the academy.

But we always pass over Hegel. Hegel is where philosophy was completed! It’s where all the contradictions in modern thought were resolved and synthesised into a total system.

Analytic philosophy always stops at Kant and never advances any further. With Pippin and Pinkard and Brandom we have seen Hegel basically turned into a more extreme version of Kant. This is all nonsense.

Hegel is an Aristotelian at heart. The mythology of phenomenology completely passes over this – it goes Plato-Descartes-Phenomenology. It completely ignores Wolffian Rationalism, and it completely forgets the millenia of Aristotelianism.

This makes me very frustrated.