No Script Blog


I guess I have two parts to this post. The first is that I feel so full of love. Today my partner and I were able to have a nice relaxing day, despite all the forces in the world trying to stress us out and make things more complicated than they needed to be. What a wonderful day. It was very hot, but we got a lot done. I figured out what had caused my tape deck to malfunction – one of the belts had snapped. A quick search on eBay tells me I can replace the belts for less than $10. Excellent.


The real substance of this post is that I want to improve my blog. I don’t want any strange scripts running on it. It is already very minimalist, but I can see from my NoScript extension in my browser that my blog does try and load some strange javascript.

No spying! More privacy! I want my blog to hold up to the same standards I expect from the rest of the Internet!