Ockham’s Razor for Transistors


For most tasks, we only really need an 8 or 16 bit microcomputer. The 6502 or the 68k is sufficient. 64KB to 4MB RAM is enough. The amazing thing about the Apple II and TTL was that it encouraged hacking and modification. Where are the micros able to be repaired now?

Thru hole soldering is easy to repair. BASIC was an awesome language for computer literacy. Usenet and BBS systems were way more democratic protocols for the internet.

Kilobyte programs were easy to disassemble and reverse engineer in machine language.

Also: no MMU, no spectre.

8 bit games had better metaphors and themes. A small team could still make them.

6502, 68k assembly is so beautiful and easy to write. They’re hand designed to help optimise memory and performance.

Who writes assembly for the micro now? You can’t.

You don’t need a $2k PC.