Chatswood Espresso Review #1: Locomotion Coffee


Blend: Campos

Price: $3.50 for Double Espresso Dine-In

First Impression

Very sweet. Quite sweet for espresso, and espresso is a very sweet coffee style. I think this would suit people who really detest acidic espresso.

After Thoughts

It was very bold, and full-flavoured, and it didn’t give me acid reflux like some espressos do. This leads me to “gag” as I am drinking the coffee. This did not happen.

I really enjoy the aftertaste of espresso, and the taste of coffee didn’t really hang around for very long. That was disappointing.

The texture of the drink was just right, not too thick or watery – which is sometimes a problem.

Did it wake me up? Definitely. I was very alert after 10 minutes.

I don’t score in stars or numerical systems.

This is a solid choice for espresso as you jump off the train in Chatswood.