Last Missing Licenced Sega Game Gear ROM Found


Apparently you can now download every Sega Game Gear ROM.

While the Game Gear never took off because it was punitively expensive, and had virtually no battery life, the handheld system is home to quite a few solid games. The best thing about the Game Gear is that it was a complete power-house. This thing could run games that were substantially the same as ones found on the Master System, which at the time was like walking around with a supercomputer in your pocket.

In any case, I’ll make with the goods and shoot you over to the original SMS Power database entry here, and the Retrocollect article here.

There is, apparently, reason to believe that if you bought a Game Gear, you would no longer be so disappointed with its battery life – Gigaboots did a roadtest of the battery life of both the 3DS and the GG, finding that, with just regular shop-bought batteries, you could push out the GG’s playtime to about seven and a half hours. Based on this outcome, Gigaboots rightly concluded that superior battery technology/construction methods must be the only explanation for the system’s exceptional playtime performance since its original commercial release.

With non-collectable GG systems going for $25 – $50 apiece, you might think it worthwhile to pick one up. I remember the first time I saw someone playing a Game Gear – my mind exploded. These things are like Gameboys on crack.

For even more information, check out the racketboy article on the system here.