Glover 2 Prototype


Just to postpone the article on Gex 64 and ports, this surfaced on NESworld last year: a prototype cartridge of Glover 2. Glover itself suffered from a terrible port to the PlayStation in 1999, so this post may bear some oblique relevance to porting in general.

Aside from its porting history, Glover was another one of those overlooked late-90s puzzle platformers that didn’t deserve its descent into obscurity. Admittedly, it was the product of Hasbro Interactive’s then high-flying video game corporatism — and not the result of a more altruistic artistic initiative — but, in itself, it is a pretty solid game.

The major difference that the cancelled sequel seems to harbour over its original is that it focuses more on NPC interaction and direction, rather than stripped-back abstract puzzle environments. It also appears to demonstrate environments that are more approachable and dynamic in terms of design — also a turn away from the abstractness of the original. To my mind this is a watering down of a game that had some fairly strong conceptual coherence into something more approachable to the general public (read: child audience).

Really, what we have with Glover is another example of how games are (evidently, sometimes unsuccessfully) ported and turned into franchises through sequels.