Battle Kid 2


After a long and frustrating release process, Sivak’s long-anticipated Battle Kid 2 was unveiled on Nintendoage on December 14. Printing issues postponed the release, but fortunately that had no lasting effect on the popularity of the game.

A mix of Metroid and Mega Man, the game is–like its predecessor–brutally tough, but not wholly unfair. The original game was famous for its blind jumps and pixel-perfect shooting, and while these qualities are likely to have been carried over to the sequel, YouTube footage reveals that Battle Kid 2 certainly executes a demonstrably more developed and nuanced execution of the two games’ core ideas.

Besides being a well thought-out and all-round intelligent game, the importance of Battle Kid 2 is that it is further evidence of the growing legitimacy of independently-developed video games. With people like Sivak sitting down with the intention of coding rewarding games with nothing but assembly language and low-level C, and people receptive and appreciative of such efforts, one can confidently say that the future of video games in good hands.

To read about the unfolding of BK2’s development, click here for the Nintendoage forum thread.

Those wishing to be better-informed of BK2’s content should direct themselves to this Let’s Play:


And a message from the YouTube celebrity James Rolfe: