He owned a jacket with a metal zip. At times this could cause him great discomfort due to the garment’s inflexibility, but he’d be rewarded later by it’s longevity.

Because honestly, everyone wants to wear the same clothes for decades.

Why comment on the quality of someone’s carpet? Why? Why did he do it? It seemed completely outlandish to me at the time, and I was most certainly confused when the host took his remark as a complement.

Not only that but it frustrated me that everyone liked him, he was constantly looking out for everyone else. He’s selfless, there’s not doubt.

Then he told me something I’m probably never going to forget. Forget the complete amazement I was in that he actually sought after MY wellbeing, I believed him. I couldn’t help it.

He met the devil. Seriously, the devil exists. He’s not that cheesy stereotype though. He’s not the red devil with horns and a tail with a trident pitchfork. Yeah sure, I know. You’ve read and heard these clich├ęd movies and books redefining the devil.