you get those days where you think you’re doing everything right and you start spending your confidence at times where you normally wouldn’t, and you seem to impress yourself and others. You suddenly make the right answers and HAVE answers and become resourceful and the existentialist inside yourself ticks all those boxes that make the day good.
the existentialist inside you is pretty impressed. he wants to see you do it again - you’re ready to push the boundaries because you’re in an area that you’re comfortable with testing.

take yourself out of your comfort zone and you can see how you react. for me, i hang my confidence and i hang my self respect and i put myself below other and i fish for help and compl(e/i?)ments. the guys trod over me and everyone ends up having a bit of a shot at me i feel and i become defensive…

it was good. i feel better. i’m glad things turned out in mock trial like they did because next time i’m going to fucking smash that cross examination and make them squirm.

yeah constructive critcism to you too

um hammarskjold fuck i need to get like 10 pages of stuff off the net or out of books by sunday

i guess i can do that

neh anyway it’s better writing it here than telling someone, i feel better now

No reward in the day. I didn’t want any anyway. I don’t care. Do what you want. I’ve never left any mark on you anyway.