I take the weather with me.


Trumpet Solo.


Salty sea dog

Alloy at his lips

All deshevelled

Sad calls to all my ships

Captain, My Captain.


My oh my,

“The sun did shine on the fields of youth”

You three

Will always be light years ahead of me

You give me the kind

of protection my lack of maturity

causes me to find.

No such thing as -


Brown eyes

Impossible transient spaces

I’m lost,

so far lost and dreaming

so far unsavable

How far in between have we travelled?

Have we gone anywhere at all?

Moving glances

Watchtowers, chains and dogs


If I didn’t need crutches

Maybe something might have happened


That’s a convenient lie

Hull Breach


If I plumbed the depths

I would find the silent fireworks

Iridescent everythings

Fleeting eyes

And panels


Up, down, inside

behind a wheel

fear and exhaustion

floats the boat of war


Reddened eyes, loosened collars

“Section C reports damage to


puzzles, puns, riddles

“Sir we’ve lost deck 11!”


Amongst the gases and tiny lights

The metal churns

Bolting towards no known point

Christmas lights of pretty death.

Trails of plum, ribbons of ridiculous speed


Peppered sheets scream for mercy

wounds raining useless glitter

Dolls suspended from the grim other-world