Two, Today


A Volvo


What beautiful thick doors

this car has!

Somehow, in the back of my mind,

It feels wrong to like such a pollutive machine

Would break everything I believe in

But then again, something pointless always fits me well

But I am still amazed.

I was duly informed, when I went for a ride

that there was a BREAK FAILURE

and the fuel gauge was more-or-less entirely based on guesswork

but it was the most comfortable, wonderful car ever.

I was so taken!



Saw a lady, walk she down the street.

Came across a water fountain,

Spraying up-straight up and down

Almost wetting her feet.

Quite clear block her path it did

She turned around quite troubled,

Behind her cutting a small fine hedge

A young man face covered with stubble.

And as my glassy big green bus

Sailed by the two

I remember the last I saw

Was that he had some gum to chew.