Your Brain Pumps the Blood


New Year’s At Christian’s


Love that volvo

On that Pokemon Stadium

“I’m going to sit in someone’s car”

And watch the Lift be passed

As we miss the countdown by seconds

And hug with someone in the middle


Crash, or lay awake (snoring)

In a (clean) house

And become lost inside a half-couch

Forget the banana pancakes

Instead summon a scaly manfish

With a creamy, creamy shoe


We know who was going to win the chess game

And what were each other’s stars

We all just want our friends back

While I’m reading a Da Vinci book

Screaming for someone every five minutes

Getting lost losing the rubbish loving strangers in the dark


The world’s so very, very big

Let’s divide up our evidence into years one second longer

Let’s use this evening to make it stronger

Lemon (Spaghetti) Sunrise


O spaghetti sunrise

That shines on on my cheek

I could ruin anything

In a five-day week.


I’ll spoil each of your potatoes

Turn them poison green

I bid you watch its roots grow outwards

Expand this sunrise scene.


Watch this kitchen take back what I’ve hidden

The window near dripping dew

Some mornings I escape this kitchen

Else, find another clue.


O spaghetti sunrise

Your saucy rays of light

To you I appeal

I accept this fight

You have so many faces

Occupied a great expanse of plates

Please would you construct a vessel

To sail all my hates

Out to sea in crates.


And when those crates reach you

Make for me a jetty from which to fish

So in my kitchen

I may have a Tuesday dish.


My burnt spaghetti sunrise

Who took away your cheese?

My mind hasn’t all its gaps filled

You’ve only me to please.