Last night,

Last night I thought,


We’ll go water the garden now

Would you like some orange?

You know Coles has a new magazine out…


Houses must invade me


Oh! I’ve dropped one…Where is it? Let me get the light

Ooh, I must be going mad - where has it gone?


Take over my mind


You know the way I hang pants makes them hardly need ironing!

You know you can have watermelon whenever you like…

You didn’t throw away that plastic container did you?

You did bring home that blue ice-brick…


Make me feel like I’ve travelled through time


Oh, we put your bike up inside the shed - but your helmet is inside

Your helmet is inside, isn’t it?

Best get your helmet - it is inside isn’t it?


Missed the significance of some world event


You like curried eggs, don’t you?

You know how to turn off the TV, don’t you?


Isolate me


The leg’s bent - it must’ve been from when I dropped it….

No-one like shiny pants - I’ll iron them with a handkerchief on top

Oh, good boy - ironing his shirt!


Make me feel alone.