Free Heat


We Men of the Coles Back Door


We men of the Coles back-door

We who guard the gate

Whom rough the elements

Defy gravity’s attraction

Curse with every thought


We men of the Coles back-door

We who are gentle

Whom smile

Wish each other well

Openly share our thoughts and jokes


We are those

Of the hardest

And softest men

Dream You



If I held this tightly

If I held this tightly blue

Found a box with ribbon

Gave it so to you



If you saw this present

If you saw this gift so blue

Would you think just so of me

Would you think it due



If you set this small dove free

Into the sky, so blue

Would you believe

(Perhaps just listen)

That the shadow the bird left

On the ground, growing

Bigger and bigger

Covered all the things I would give to you

And that eventually

I could give you the whole world



If the shadow was too dark

Much to dark for you

I’ll make the sun come back so quick

Clouds only wouldn’t let the light through