Ritsuko Now Has a Purpose!


(22:15:25) Buhlairrr: anyway, take devo songs, and make them 60s rock-ish
(22:16:16) W&T Magazine: girl you want would be perfect for that
(22:16:16) Buhlairrr: like you said
(22:16:23) Buhlairrr: it would be!
(22:16:26) W&T Magazine: coal mine would sound awesome on jangly guitar
(22:17:19) Buhlairrr: darn tooten, we’re doing this
(22:17:25) Buhlairrr: ritsuko has a purpose
(22:17:42) W&T Magazine: “Ritsuko: the mix-ups no-one was asking for but got anyway.”
(22:17:47) Buhlairrr: hahahahahaha
(22:18:08) Buhlairrr: “Ritsuko: The arse-full of smarties you can’t unsee”
(22:18:35) W&T Magazine: “Ritsuko: Brilliant when sober.”
(22:18:55) Buhlairrr: i am just lolling at the phrase “no-one asked for but got anyway”
(22:19:09) Buhlairrr: “But i.. no i.. yeah.. yeah thanks.”
(22:20:06) W&T Magazine: hahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhaha
(22:20:34) W&T Magazine: “oh wow… yeh, this is… yeh. Defintely devo.”
(22:20:58) Buhlairrr: hahahaha
(22:21:18) W&T Magazine: oh god
(22:21:18) Buhlairrr: oh my god
(22:21:26) W&T Magazine: i’m laughing really hard right now, mum asked me what’s up
(22:21:27) Buhlairrr: funniest thing this week
(22:21:33) Buhlairrr: or month!
(22:21:35) Buhlairrr: month!
(22:21:56) W&T Magazine: month! funniest thing of the month!


(23:01:16) Buhlairrr: yes i think it would be nice to have a band named Ritsuko Akagi and the Eva Unit Ones
(23:03:07) ciel errant: be less azn, blair
(23:03:47) Buhlairrr: we can’t be friends.