Love Is More Expensive Than Insurance


Watched a couple of body snatchers peel this man from the ground, take another from the kurb. I was half asleep in the car, I couldn’t remember where everyone else had gone - inside and upstairs, I guess, I remember someone saying something about money for food later on, the guys knew where my stuff was.

I watched them talk to each other, nothing on their faces, their faces nothing. Like little puppets. Little happy puppets, strung to something else. Or maybe they stole bodies for fun.

Big jumpers on a warm night, and they packed the people into a Nissan hatchback. We looked at each other before they drove off, I smiled, so did they. I hope I see them next week. I’m out of town next week.

Maybe the week after. I don’t know. Everyone lives across the road from a graveyard, I just live across from a real one.