This Month


Murderers dance to happy songs
And you wheel the bin
Up and down the driveway
All the movie tickets are fading on the wall
But not this one
Why doesn’t this one bubble and warp?
I remember the events attached to this one
These tickets are dead animals, prizes,
Will my mind rot like the tickets?
Eternal sunshine on the spotless mind
If I had it erased
I’d just repeat everything again
That’s what they say
I’d rather think that my amazing bad luck would drive the knife
Falling out
Near the tickets
Chickens and ducks in the cupboard
Never remembered those
I remember not remembering
I’m looking at the river
But I’m thinking of the sea
Buy the movie ticket to this life
It’ll bubble and fade and you’ll forget you saw it
Just take it out on DVD
Watch it on fast-forward