Croaky Telephone


Isn’t it great when scammers try a bit harder?

Dear friend,

Forgive my indignation if this message comes to you as a surprise and may offend your personality for contacting you without your prior consent and writing through this channel. I got your contact from the professional data base found in the internet Yahoo tourist search. When i was searching for a foreign reliable partner. I assured of your capability and reliability to champion this business opportunity.

I know we have not met in person but I have a very profiting proposal which I am sure you can handle. My name is Barrister Raymond Greday QC. I am a Barrister and a member of the Queen’s Council (QC) working with the reputable legal firm - Prudent Chambers in London, UK and I am only contacting you to help claim deposited funds made by one of our clients who was involved in a fatal auto crash accident including his wife and only daughter and later died.

Late Engr. Mitchell Labow was a personal client of mine and I managed all their legal affairs. Today, I stand as the only custodian to the deposit he and her wife made in a Bank in Europe. And, now I am faced with the task of providing a beneficiary for the claim of the fund. The amount deposited by my late clients is (GBP20 Million Pounds (Twenty Million Pounds Only) and the bank in the Europe is Ready to release the money to whomever I present as The beneficiary and the next-of-kin to my late Clients because my late clients issued me a Power of Attorney duly endorsed in the British High Courts of Justice when they made the deposit and I was their Legal advising counselor on the deposit and other Issues.

Now the Bank where my client deposited the fund Demands that I quickly provide a claimant for the Fund because the deposit duration has expired and Needs a renewal or withdrawal from their bank Otherwise it will be handed over to the government. Because I have not been able to provide anyone due to my fears of releasing the money to someone who Might run away with it, I am being very careful About this. I have however decided to try and do this deal with you,whether you are truly related to My clients or not and I pray you will not run away With the money when they release it to you. I will arrange to formalize your papers so that you can be approved as next-of-kin to my late clients and the Fund can be released to you immediately.

I will draft an agreement between you and me for Security of the fund and sharing as soon as you accept to assist in this transaction. I agree to share fifty-fifty with you but we must bear serious responsibilities on both sides to ensure the release of the fund into your account. please if you are interested in this transaction, kindly furnish me With your private telephone and fax number, your full Name and address to enable us move forward. May the almighty God bless you.

Barrister Raymond Greday QC.