Good Things To Film


Reading the paper

My nana’s old slipper that is really worn

The big derelict Wool Store in Freo

Old Automechanics on Shakespeare St

Conversation on the back seat of a bus

Edge of a bridge late at night

A continuous shot of a gun-fight

Big zoom in of a guy in a park

Guy in an office cubicle

Conversation of some friends at a restaurant

That shot of Woody Allen and that other guy in Annie Hall where they walk towards the camera on the street from the distance and then the camera follows them, moving backwards

Some birds on grass

My cat in the garden

The corners of some shiny buildings with some clouds moving behind them

‘Talking heads’ shots

A couple of guys breaking into a house, talking about something inane

Two people at a bar

A guy being shot

Shot of a guy walking on a street from a window, the camera turns from looking out of the window to some people in the upstairs room

A 5 minute shot of a person’s face while a few other people in the same room are talking