The ground shook violently as the landship edged ever closer. Roof-tiles fell and shattered from some buildings, while other's roofs collapsed. Windows burst from the sound of the ship's horns, sending windowpanes into the dirt roads. The greasy Gremanese soldiers could still be seen trudging back to the ship in the distance.

The three sat on the steps of the bank, Foolio cleaning his pistol.

"You done with that?" Shrendig bumped around on the steps.

"Yep." Foolio reassembled the gun, and they both set off down the road, Harkoff following behind.

Shrendig and Foolio walked as they always did, without a complete care. Shrendig turned her head this way and that at the crumbling buildings, and every now and then they all lost their footing as the road softened from the ship's tremors. The walking continued on and on.

"Are we -" Yelled Harkoff.


Harkoff looked back at the bank - the tallest building in the town - and it was gone. Harkoff turned around to see a townhouse fold over the road a short distance ahead. Shrendig pressed the three on, and they climbed over the rubble, turning into a laneway when they did. They ran through the lane, as it was closed by rubble after they did, and the three strolled into a shattered shop-front just down the street.

"We've only got a few minutes," Foolio laughed.

On the second floor they found the children, one bathed in blood but both were alive.