I remember I was there. Everyone was there - you were there, all the officials were there, it really wasn't missed.

They hung the man from the roof because the room was too small for gallows. The concrete ceiling had been repaired with steel, and rope was easily threaded through the gaps between. Seats had been taken from the offices nearby and placed in rows in front of the rope, and everyone was assembled on time.

The prisoner had been taken up through the lift-system from the dank lower levels and was walked through our section to the room - prohibitively chained, mind you, so the journey must've been slow.

You must remember, he was hung dead in front of everyone! The man twisted and writhed at moments but his purple face with the mask removed showed he was dead.

Everyone remembers, how can you not remember? While they were finishing his papers with the Commissioner the corpse started groaning and frothing at the mouth - how is this not jogging your memory? The sparks and the sound of electric saws escaping from the corpse's lungs and its violently coiling spine stick in the minds of all the officials - something's happened to you, Plel.