Tempel And The Impactor


Ness came around at about nine, and we then drove to the Burswood Casino. After she parked the Barina as close as she could to the river, we got out and walked over to the car-park on the other side of the complex. 

"Everything has immobilisers, now," Vanessa moved about swiftly in the humming fluorescent dusk, peering onto the dashboards. "I can barely see anything either, I swear these contacts aren't working."

After a few moments we passed by a well-dressed couple. Vanessa jingled her keys and we both stared off into the distance, listing away, into the bitumen. We considered ourselves lucky when found an old Mazda, and we drove back into the city.

We parked across the road from the firm's building and I bought an early newspaper before we went in. When we got to Deborah's floor, and past the reception security door, everything was in a complete mess.

"What the hell went on here?"

"Someone's gotten in before us."

"Why didn't they fuck up the reception on the way out?"

"Where's Deborah's office?"

"Over there, on the right."

Deborah's office had also been thoroughly ransacked, and it took some time to make sense of the disarray. Everything that had been locked had been prized open and had its contents emptied over her desk and the floor.

"Pity they trashed the whole place," Vanessa walked over to the office and leant on the door-frame. "Waste of energy, really."

"Yeah," the drafts weren't on her desk, or the floor underneath.

"Look!" I stopped opening the cupboard by the window.

The drafts were littered all over the table in the middle of the room, obscured by the dim light.

"I can't believe it."

"Yeah, this can only be either really really good or bad luck."