pear-man answers the unreturned call:

all the interactions bear the cross,

the constructive car,

its unrepentant concrete valves.


and the name-badges,

the canning factory, field effect transistors,

its constituent components, can be seen.

"- or, perhaps the general lack thereof?


"i got twenny bucks ferya"

no! No! none of that in the land of zeal;

this is how the thirteen commands with fire::

there is no general agreement, coordinated!


the man o' cultivated produce:::he wasteth nothing,

no time,

no words,

no mince,

he employs the visceral codec,

streaming back the difference of two.


but the contradiction -

it is unresolved in the same manner

as the secret letters circulated by mao:

the atomic phonecall

"would hardly matter to the universe as a whole".


but the zealous thirteen exacts the following:

the super-effective dialectical synthesis.

there is what, four thousand stat damage dealt?

every facet of life becomes transformed.