Laurie #1


"Laurie, you're an old man now."

"Y'know, you talk an awful lot of crap," Laurie said, doing the thing where he looked sideways, out over the street, talking at the same time while he inhaled on his cigarette. When he finished doing this he'd cock an eye back at his interlocutor to add some sort of sting.

"I'm hurt that you'd say that to me."

"You're not hurt."

"How can you say that?"

"If you got a phone call from some job application right now, one that would maybe, say, double your pay for half the work, or whatever," he leaned in slightly, "you'd be talking shit on that phone thick and fast."

"If the equivalent thing happened to you, you'd do the same."

Laurie took some interest in his fried tomatoes before rejoining, "no, no I wouldn't."

"Like hell you wouldn't! If you were offered a one way ticket to freedom, you'd take it!"

"That's not what I'm talking about."

"What are you talking about, then? What are we talking about?"