LISP: The Communist Programming Language


I think I’ve entered a phase in my life where I am focusing more on tech and programming instead of writing and evangelising philosophy and libertarian communism.

That doesn’t mean that I have given up my political commitments, but it does make me a little sad that I’m not more of an activist.

Maybe it’s because I am firm in my convictions now. I suppose a lot of my writing and talking about philosophy was because I was uncertain and still exploring the topic, and now I don’t feel the need to ask as many questions as before.

I think maybe it’s also because I feel like revolution is going to be further away than I realised, and I am a little less optimistic about things kicking off sometime soon.

Also… philosophy is really arcane and quite atavistic. My philosophical ‘career’ was marked by a lot of betrayal and dismissal, and I turned away from it because I could not find enough people with whom I could commune and struggle alongside.

It seems like the LISP community is kind of kicking off, though. Every day I discover new people and new projects, and even when it comes to just new operating systems written in rust it seems like there is a lot of fervent activity in programming.

People seem excited about what they’re doing, and they seem to believe in something bigger than UNIX. The free software community is so much more vibrant and supportive than the political and philosophical ones.

Is it because of VC and funding? Maybe it is. There sure as hell isn’t a connection to the means of production with philosophy nowadays, like there was in the 20th century.

I don’t know what to think. I do believe deep down that functional programming is inherently communist. I don’t know why, but when I study LISP, I see a complete disregard for number crunching for the purpose of maximising capitalist profit. I know this hasn’t always been the case, but I see something there.

I think it is probably because symbolic computation is fundamentally concerned with language. There /is / liberation for humans and sentient beings with this kind of computing. The more we are able to grasp the structure of our world and our consciousness, I think the more we will be able to use LISP as a weapon in the struggle for communism.

I think we are having a renaissance in computing. Pleroma and the fediverse are proof of this.

What can I make of this? I have absolutely no idea at the moment.