An Email I Wrote About Social Media


I don’t quite know how to put my finger on it, but there is definitely a small list of essential things which makes social media terrible and very anxiety inducing for me.

My psychiatrist says that social media allows you to broadcast messages to a bigger number of people than ever before, I think that’s probably the core thing. It’s different than a blog.

I think it’s because everyone is looking at a central feed delivered by an algorithm. It’s one central feed, but the bits you’re not meant to see are censored out.

So I think your messages are more guaranteed than ever to /definitely/ be seen. And that’s like constantly taking a drug all the time at both ends.

It’s like being on a production line, and like all production lines it is made to move /just/ fast enough to make sure you never ever become comfortable.

Like take this email for instance – I’m able to compose myself, think deeply about what I want to say… Even on mastodon I just wanna fire stuff off all the time.

Mastodon is definitely way nicer, but probably because it’s still a niche community and is not fully open to the world yet.