Being Bullied in My Childhood


My excitement for learning and me craving an active, participatory style of learning saw me heavily punished by my teachers.

I assume I was considered disruptive, and an upstart by my grade 4 teacher, because all I wanted to do was attempt to answer every question.

I would sit there with my hand raised for every question, and was ignored.

I now have a terrible complex where I feel like if someone disagrees with me, they are attacking me or will abandon or disassociate themselves from me. It makes it difficult for me to respond to corrections and feedback.

I was bullied by my teachers. And all I wanted was to learn. I resent that I was considered a drag on other children’s learning, or that somehow there was not enough resources for all the children in my massive classes in my government grade school.

I went to an expensive high school, but by that stage I had the habitual mental process drilled into me.

I am going to work hard on correcting this internal ethic that I practice.

Seriously I really despise the fact that some of my teachers thought the best way to deal with me was to take me down a notch.