Current Projects to Do List


I have a LOT of stuff on the boil. This is a small written note to myself to the current list of things I want to do:

  1. Keep Working on my Atari 2600 Guerrilla Game
  2. Send Monty a letter
  3. Read Monty’s copy of Imperialism in the 21st Century
  4. Finish my thesis
  5. Get more disability support work
  6. Finish my 2018 Hackaday Prize Entry
  7. Keep up my efforts at calling people for Socialist Alliance events
  8. Fix this blog’s font issue
    • I don’t like the font; and
    • It downloads the font from Google, which is a security issue
  9. Adapt the article I am writing for Links International Journal
  10. Fix the wow and flutter issues with both of my tape decks
  11. Maybe clean the house once in a while
  12. Listen to my new Pissedcolas tape
  13. Finish the Atari 2600 Commo Dig
  14. Start the new 3D engine for the game I’m working on with my friend
  15. Keep learning the programming language Ada
  16. Finish my youtube video about cassette tapes
  17. Read Jack’s short story
  18. Finish my Distraction Free Writing Machine

I am listening to a jazz pianist that my friend introduced me to. Her name is Hiromi Uehara. She is amazing. I love crazy jazz music. I can’t believe such talented people exist in the world. I think anyone can be as talented as the most talented, with enough democratised resources. The world can be such a beautiful place, and we would be living in the most beautiful place if we had communism.

This is why I fight for communism.