Destroy and Avoid the Mainstream Media


Many of the comrades that I know and trust despair about the current political climate in the West. They say that the far-right has been gaining ground, and that the left in our home towns are not working together, and even worse, are fighting amongst themselves.

I recently attended a public forum hosted by my political party, Socialist Alliance, where a comrade – whose name is Isaac Silver, I think – spoke about the incredible movements that have swept the United States, such as Black Lives Matter, the battles at Standing Rock, Occupy Wall Street, the #MeToo movement, the Bernie Sanders campaign, the massive explosion of membership of the Democratic Socialists of America, and so on. I couldn’t help thinking that the pessimism of my comrades was mistaken.

I believe that the left in the US, and in my home country of Australia, is growing, developing, and gaining ground. I do think that the observation that the left hasn’t “broken through” and established a massive presence in the national and international dicussions of our communities is true.

But I think we rely too much on what the mainstream media is delivering to us as the pertinent topics and issues of discussion. I think the reason why it seems like we might be “getting nowhere”, or that we seem “divided and infighting” is because our global electronic telecommunications are deliberately sowing passivity and pessimism amongst us.

Only last year, it was proven to the US Senate that Facebook uses incredibly invasive methods of surveillance and control. Facebook knows almost everything about what you are saying, and who you are saying it to. It has also been proven that Facebook deliberately shows you information on its platform that makes you feel uncomfortable and anxious, in order to addict you to its system, and keep you in a state of agitation.

It has been even more recently recently proven that if you use an Android phone, even if you disable all of Facebook’s software on your device, Facebook is still spying on you.

The mainstream media on the TV and radio has, over and over again, deliberately ignored and refused to cover important actions in your local area, as well as mine. Just recently (last week) there was an important illegal protest about Aboriginal land and human rights inside the lobby of the Australian Parliament, and all that was shown on the news was a decontextualised photo of the protest, and simply the words ``Breaking News” on the news ticker.

This is the way the mainsteam media shuts down coverage of important actions fighting for democracy and socialism, and makes it seem as if we are getting nowhere.

This is a crisis in breakdown of communication between Communist activists and our local communities. The solution is simple: we need to construct methods of information dissemination that avoid and circumvent the power of the mainstream media.

There is a second stage to this war, as well. We need to destroy, or at least massively injure the power, control, and functioning health of the media, so we can open up avenues for our message to get out.