Discretionary Spending Projects


Okay I think I have narrowed the list of projects I can fund with the money from selling my video games:

  1. Investigate how people have integrated GPS with Raspberry Pis in the past.
  2. Investigate pulling the guts out of a portable rugged computer and replacing the computing with a Single Board Computer
  3. Buy a turntable
  4. Buy an analogue camcorder
  5. Buy the Panasonic RXD50 tape deck

I am watching the Rinoa Super-Genius YouTube channel, and I am fascinated by the way they repair film cameras and film projectors. I would LOVE to own a film projector and watch films.

Rinoa had a Panasonic ToughBook, and it seemed like a wonderful solution for my problem of how to replace my phone. Really, I just need a device to monitor, predict, and plan public transport journeys. Surely someone has developed or hacked together a device which does this.