Guerrilla Game: I Decided To Go With The Blank Frame Method



Remember the git repository is here:

After looking through the different options for finding enough time to calculate a 16-bit LFSR on the Atari 2600, I decided to go with Thomas Jentzsch’s suggestion of a synchronised blank frame every screen transition. This affords me 192 * 76 ~= 15 000 cycles extra on top of Vertical Blank and Overscan.

I have now:

  1. Walking off the side of one screen and entering in on another
  2. Updating the map coordinates (I may make a mini-map)
  3. Created the structure for the code to swap out the kernel and draw the blank frame
  4. Updated the placeholder graphics to include 2 digits - the kernel will draw $00 to $40, as there are 64 unique objects in the overworld

I still have to:

Then the scaffolding of the randomly generated overworld will be finished, really. A demo should be available after these things have been achieved.