Policies of the Guillotine Party



  1. billionaires get the guillotine. no billionaire has ever earned their wealth. they stole it from people who made it for them. billionaires can either hand over every single cent of their wealth (not income – wealth) more than $999,999,999.99 voluntarily to the people or they have it all of it taken forcibly (along with their heads) from them.

  2. evading or attempting to evade rule 1 always invokes the maximum penalty.

  3. 100% inheritance tax above $1,000,000

  4. housing is a human right, not a property right. all housing property that is not lived in by its owner must be used for social housing.

  5. climate change is killing the planet. all spare productive capacity of society should be marshalled immediately to preventing it or ameliorating its impacts on the most vulnerable.

  6. indigenous ownership of all non-freehold land is a requirement of correct land management practices.

  7. every person has a human right to working for a living wage, if they want to work.a living wage is the minimum wage. the private ownership of public utilities is forbidden. access to housing, water, and energy cannot be dictated by only the ability to pay for such essentials.

  8. it is universally recognised that capitalism is the cause of waste in society. capitalism has caused climate change, and is therefore an unmitigated evil, as it is a species endangering ideology that knows no moral bounds.

  9. people have the right to political representation both as individuals, and as social classes (n.b.: ethnicity is not a social class). political representation doesn’t just mean legislative or judicial systems; but also social policy and workplace systems. workplaces are run for the benefit of society, its workers, and its investors, in that (decreasing) order of priority.

  10. all borders are open. border inspections are only required to catch criminals (billionaires, capitalists, nazis) … but crossing a border simply to live or to trade in legal goods on the other side of the border is never to be policed.