The Fearmongering of the Ideological-Industrial Complex


fuck. i am so angry at the mainstream TV media.

this reporter on channel 7 is literally yelling at the camera about this corona virus.

i was thinking today about how these propaganda networks should be held responsible for whipping up all this hysteria and fear.

people were turning their heads angrily when people were randomly coughing on the bus today.

i am so, so mad. this free to air TV stuff is so, so toxic.

there is NO reason to be afraid, and there is NO reason to believe conspiracies about ANY of this.

i am done. if people talk about the corona virus i am gonna excuse myself from the conversation.

You know, I don’t think anyone has had it explained to them what the corona virus is.

The way it is being spun is as if it is some sort of plague which you need to avoid like the devil, or else you will die and regret your life.

I honestly cannot be bothered teaching myself what this ‘plague’ is, though.

I cannot express how much I am over this bullshite.