Listening to Bosses in a Cafe


I was sitting in a coffee shop this morning, and it was difficult for me to focus my thoughts. Sitting adjacent to me were two business people. They were probably five years older than me. I think one was a business owner, and the other was a recruiter. I think the business owner woman was looking to employ more people for her business.

The whole conversation they had was jarring. They spouted so much jargon and so many buzz words that it was impossible to have any peace of mind while drinking my coffee. The recruiter, a man, talked about how he would jet set around the world, and how he had recruited for so many businesses in America and England.

I think perhaps they were talking very loudly. I hate small business owners, and recruiters are just middle men who insert themselves between workers and bosses and parasite off value that should be going to the worker. They’re like real estate agents, and I think the recruiter man referred to himself as such at the beginning.

Frequently people are employed by the recruiter and not the business they work for. It’s a great trap for having no industrial rights.

Maybe I won’t go back to that cafe…