What Interpersonal Communism Looks Like


From my understanding of my own mental health, I believe maximising the time you spend in a mental state of flow is critical to surviving the ravages of capitalism.

Also, having a close group of friends with whom you feel safe discussing negative emotions and judgements is also required.

Ideally, there should be quite a lot of praise for how hard you try, and how much effort you put into contributing to communal affairs.

I personally love smiling and laughing, but I know this doesn’t always equate to happiness and contentment for all people, although, I believe, culturally it is a good measure of the health of your person in the West.

I think one of the greatest factors that contributes to apathy, narrow mindedness, fatuous levels of selfishness and obsession with immediate sensory gratification in the West is oppressive forms of childhood punishment and arbitrary forms of collective punishment. I think this points squarely at the need for the abolition of Work and capitalist Schooling.

I am a moral realist, and also a moral absolutist, and I believe that there are some moral behaviours which are correct for most people. This would be a reasonable level of empathy and capacity for love and wonder for other humans.