November Update


Hello everyone!

I have been down in Geelong, in Victoria, helping my party attempt to elect a candidate into the upper house of the Victorian parliament.

I have been doing great amounts of letterboxing, doorknocking, and prepolling handing out of ‘how-to-votes’.

This ‘holiday’ has been a welcome distraction from my life, where I am unemployed. I wish life could always be like this. I really enjoy being thoroughly tired at the end of the day.

Feel free to watch my three vlogs that I have produced, talking about the election campaign. The first one is here, the second one is here, and the third one is here.

In other news, I have been working very hard on transcribing the Cuban Revolution pamphlet many of you have been asking about. It is a very long pamphlet, and I have managed to copy out word by word 2740 pages, so I should be able to have it ready for you soon :-)

I hope you’re all going well!