Proposal for a New Operating System Philosophy


((this is a partially formed idea.))

an outline for a different operating system paradigm, similar to the CLOSOS

white paper (

must not be programmed in an imperative language paradigm

elaboration: C, C++, Java, Python, are not permitted. i believe imperative languages are derived substandard and obsolete model of computer science

perhaps this is too harsh, but i even look upon Pascal, Ada, and descendants of ALGOL, or anything to which Djiskra is adjacent to be founded on completely muddled and unparsimonious ideas

must not be targeted to run natively on x86/amd64 systems

elaboration: frankly, i do not care if this means no-one ever ends up using this operating system, and it never achieves a great degree of use. if you want to use this operating system, you cannot be using hardware which is Intel, Microsoft, or IBM adjacent

the operating system must be developed simultaneously with the creation of a modern LISP machine processor

elaboration: be this an ISA or otherwise, we must break hardware which is designed to run imperative code, or is related to the old PDP-11 hardware paradigm. i personally do not care if the ISA is CISC or RISC.

the ecosystem cannot be designed around the C/x86 concept of ‘computing performance’

elaboration: the concept of computing power has nothing to do with the amount of instructions per second, or how long it takes to perform a specific project or process. this project will not measure its success against the criterion that it must compute as fast as possible.

the consequence of this deliberate rejection of calculation speed means this operating system and hardware ecosystem will be orders of magnitude more powerful than the C and x86 ecosystem, and no-one from that school of philosophy will have even the slightest conception of how this is possible

the CLOSOS conception of a REPL-based human-computer interface must be adopted

elaboration: the operating system must not be designed around the concept of a ‘kernel’. the epoch of operating systems having kernels is a dark age, whether they be monolithic or exo-kernels

the functional programming paradigm of, say, LISP, which allows one to modify the operating system in real time, with instantaneous results, with no rebooting, restarting, recompilation–in short, any kind of system suspension–must be adopted

any politics, culture, and philosophy of computing which privileges natural science and mathematics over the humanities is toxic chauvinism and is to be condemned

corollary: any philosophy of sentience and consciousness which privileges or eliminates rationalism, non-reductive forms of materialism (epicurianism, lucretianism) and even idealism (like hegel, kant even berkeley) in favour of democritean reductive or eliminativist materialism such as physicalism, or mechanistic conceptions of evolutionary biology, are toxic chauvinism and are to be excluded from the project

the project will exclude itself from any relationship to capitalism and imperialism

i’m not sure how to put this, but we will not end up like Linus Torvalds, Moxie Marlinspike, etc - no-one on this project will ever work for any firm of the military-ideological-industrial complex ever. no-one will go work at Google, Twitter, Facebook, IBM, Xerox, any office of any political state. none of the ideas we use will be implemented willingly for capitalist industry

;; i am running out of characters, so i will be brief:

this project will be concerned with making itself aware of, and explaining how its participants are sheltered and fed

there will be no distinction between people who produce code, and people who document. people who do not comment their code exhaustively (some call it ‘literate’ coding) will be required to explain why they have not included a satisfactory amount of comments

the operating system will integrate the concepts of hypertext and hypermedia into the intrinsic fabric of the system - perhaps this will be a focus of the hardware of the LISP machine processing transistors

support for and compatibility with HTTP and TCP/IP will eventually be phased out

there will be absolutely no support for client-side execution of code in this operating system’s telecommunication processing

the CLOSOS concept of ‘single big address space’ will be adopted

the CLOSOS recommendation that operating systems do not organise themselves according to the concepts of ‘processes’ and ‘threads’ will be adopted

this project must support the cheapest and most accessible hardware - starting with the raspberry pi, the ESP32, and Arduino micro controllers

this project must make the adoption of quantum computing hardware a very important priority

(see eiichi goto’s ‘quantum flux parametrons’)

happiness, levity, tenderness and intimacy are all constitutive social qualities which must be adopted and prioritised in this community