Update About Peertube, and Transistor Logic Research


I am going to begin deleting my Peertube instance, and replacing it with a static HTML website which serves the content of my video journal. I think I may be able to dedicate some time to this tonight.

ALSO - I have discovered several new types of discrete transistor logic on bitsavers. I was refered to the Direct Coupled Transistor Logic of the CDC 6600, which I have two excellent sources on, and I will be documenting this kind of logic on my blog and on

But that is not all I have. I will go back and show how the DTL of the IBM System 360 SLT system works, and I will also show how the logic of the CDC 1406, and CDC 3600 series works.

I also have some documentation on the Scientific Data Systems (SDS) T-Series logic, which is not as complete as I’d like, but is still very interesting for building discrete transistor computers nonetheless.

I also have the electronic schematics of the MIT TX-0, which was one of the first transistorised computers. I think I will leave the documentation of its specific kind of digital electronics out, because it is incredibly primitive.

I wanted to film a video today introducing the discrete transistor computer project, but I couldn’t get around to it. I was also conflicted – I didn’t know whether to just start introducing the DEC R-Series logic etc, or whether to start teaching binary mathematics, and start right from the beginning.

I am now thinking I will skip the basics and just jump straight into the electronics of discrete transistor computers. Perhaps I will have some time to document some of the basic DTL tonight.

Anyway this is no longer a quick update of any type!