Research on Brand New Cassette Decks


I absolutely love cassette tapes. I think they sound wonderful. They are so fun to make. Planning mixtapes and taking the time to make sure that they’re made carefully is such an enjoyable process.

One of the big problems about having cassette tapes as a hobby at the moment is that much of the easily accessible or affordable equipment is old and faulty. I have had a terrible time repairing tape decks. Much of the plastic components in their mechanisms are incredibly brittle, and very many of the springs required for, say, idler wheels, take-up mechanisms, etc, cannot maintain their tension.

So, one option I explored was buying a new tape deck. I am an Australian, so very many of these decks require a step down transformer in order to operate. One of the great things about these decks is that they do not require conversion from 60Hz AC to 50Hz AC.

Name Frequency Response Price
Marantz PMD-330CP Chrome - 15KHz, Type 1 - 14KHz AUD$197 + 80 Shipping
Panasonic RXD45 12KHz, Type 1 only AUD$166
Panasonic RXD50-55 12KHz, Type 1 only AUD$195
Sony CFD-S70 10KHz, Type 1 only, I think AUD$150
Sony CFD-S401 10KHz, Type 1 only, I think AUD$253 + 88 Shipping
Toshiba TY-CDK8 75Hz-12KHz, Type 1 only AUD$270

Here are some options to think about if all you want to record is voice. These are very common New Old Stock, and New models that have a frequency response of around 6.3KHz to 8KHz.

Name Frequency Response Price
Sony TCM-919 6.3KHz AUD$150
Sony TCM-929 8KHz AUD$100
Panasonic RQ-2102 8KHz ~AUD$100
Amplivox SL1039 6.3KHz AUD$140
GE 3-5027 Similar to above. Very cheap. Well reviewed.