Closing Down My Peertube Instance


I am in the process of deciding whether to close down my peertube instance (

I am not sure that I want to support multimedia which is accessed through streaming.

I will host all my videos statically on gopher, I think (gopher://

Videos should ideally be accessed locally after being completely downloaded once.

It’s obviously a complex issue that I do not fully understand, but, like the rest of the siloed and walled gardened web, if there was no metadata harvesting and surveillance, I would not mind streaming

But the point isn’t really streaming / non streaming. I object to the web, to HTML, and I have a radical vision for how computing is meant to work.

Computer literacy is low, and streaming allows for easy human computer interfacing with minimal social work in order to make these systems accessible.

So my point is this - I want people to be slightly surprised, and start noticing - hey! This video was easy to share through an email! This video I can make portable and easily replayable when there is no internet! Etc etc

I dunno, like all things which are a hobby, I will do it for some years, and then change my mind and do something else.

Like gopher: it’s wonderful! And its culture is healthy. YouTube? Nope. I don’t care if no-one notices. I am not trying to publicly broadcast myself.