Socialists Stand For Every Seat in Victoria's West


Socialists Stand for Every Seat in Victoria’s West

Tim Gooden, the lead Victorian Socialist candidate for the Western Region, announced today that active trade unionists will be nominated for all 11 lower house seats in the region for the coming Victorian elections.

Gooden said,

“We’re really proud to announce that every one of our candidates is a fighter and a campaigner for workers’ rights and a better deal for all working-class Victorians.”

Gooden, a former Secretary of Geelong Trades Hall Council (GTHC), is currently a shop steward for the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union. He is joined on the Legislative Council ticket by Nada Iskra, the office manager of the GTHC and a member of the Australian Services Union.

Gooden said that if elected he would call for a full wage audit across the state,

“We want bosses to formally report and account for what they are actually paying their workers in Victoria. We suspect that potentially tens of thousands of workers are being underpaid.

“We also want to see an expansion of government services to create jobs. Currently in parts of Geelong and other regional centres as many as 20% of people are unemployed or underemployed.

“It’s also time for investment in and the development of renewable energies throughout the state. There can be thousands of jobs in these industries. For example, we could easily make windmills in Victoria or retool closed down factories.”

The candidates in the Geelong area are:

The candidates in the Ballarat area are:

The candidate for Melton and the Bacchus Marsh area is Ron Guy, a former Australian Workers Union delegate for the seat of Melton,

The candidate for the coast to Cape Otway and inland to Colac and Camperdown is Brendan Murphy, a former CFMEU organiser for the seat of Polwarth,

The candidate for the South West Coast from Warnambool to Portland is Terry Riggs a CFMEU member for the seat of South West Coast,

The candidate for the area from Hamilton to Rainbow is Trevor Grenfell, a Health Workers Union member, for the seat of Lowan.

If you would like more information or photos of the candidates, please contact Tim Gooden on 0402 885 779