Socium Gratis


SOCIUM GRATIS A proof for communism using euclidean geometry.

Draft 1, without organising axioms and definitions first.


  1. What we desire is a completely free association of people.

  2. Freedom is the development of a person’s perfection.

  3. By perfection I understand the actuality of someone’s true essence.

  4. Therefore truth is the same as perfection.

  5. Therefore, the truth of the purpose of people is a free association.

  6. We only desire the truth.

  7. Truth, beauty, and perfection are all one concept.

  8. However, the following concepts are all to be distinguished: ⁃ LOVE ⁃ HAPPINESS ⁃ PEACE

  9. Peace is the conduit-like acceptance of all your senses.

  10. Happiness is the willing to flow and persist through time.

  11. Love is the absence of duality.

  12. The truth of peace is to tell the difference between something that is immediately given, and what has been reasoned away.

  13. But what a fool believes he sees, no wise man has the power to reason away, what seems to be.

  14. The truth of happiness is the capacity to change, and yet persist through time.

  15. The truth of love is the identity of happiness and peace.

  16. It is the assertion that many become one, and that all is one, and that the opposite is not true. In other words, one is not all.


  1. The idea that “all is one” means that that which is concrete is the general. It is the highest level of generality.

  2. “One is not all” means that something particular is not the most concrete.

  3. The semantics of “all is one” follows the principle of transitivity, in that we assign a predicate to some substance.

  4. In that sense, it follows that “A is B” means that predicate B is assigned to substance A.

  5. So therefore the predicate of singularity is assigned to the substance of totality.

  6. So, therefore love, is the radical, free acceptance of the principle of the identity of singularity and totality.

  7. Totality, “all”, is the substance through which the singular is manifested.

  8. True love is active and not passive.

  9. The identity of peace and happiness, love, is therefore always in motion.

  10. Motion is the progressive development of truth.

  11. Therefore, perfection, which is truth, can be caused.

  12. The perfection of something’s essence is its full development into actuality.

  13. The most perfect actuality is totality.

  14. Totality is therefore the perfect cause.

  15. The truth of causality, being totality, is therefore love.

  16. Love is the active development of the totality.

  17. A summary: ⁃ Love is the totality in motion. ⁃ Love is the identity of peace and happiness. ⁃ Love is the identity of the totality and singularity. ⁃ Love is a free and radical acceptance of a principle.


  1. The truth of the truth, or the perfection of perfection is life.

  2. Life is the discovery of the acceptance of love.

  3. While love is the motion of totality, life is the discovery of love.

  4. While the totality is perfectly revealed and developed, life is the free and fallible choice to discover love.

  5. Restating, life is the fallible choice to discover the totality in motion.

  6. Another word for life is science.

  7. Another word for life is materialism.

  8. The totality is material, and not ideal.

  9. The ideal is not actual. Only that which is material is actual.

  10. It appears “so”, there is really no guessing about it.

  11. This is why only life is free.

  12. The totality is perfectly actual, and therefore perfectly free.

  13. The realisation of the free association of people is the totality.

  14. Therefore the perfection of life is the total free association.

  15. Restating: ⁃ Life is the free choice to discover love. ⁃ The free association is the totality. ⁃ Therefore: The perfection of life is the perfection of the totality.