Sorting Through Project Ideas


I am selling all my Sega Megadrive collection, all my unused Xbox One games, and all my unused N64 games. I am hoping to make about AUD$1200 from the sale. Since I don’t get a lot of opportunities for doing discretionary spending, I always end up changing my mind about what I want to do with sums of money like this.

So in this blog post, I will list the ideas I have for using this money.

It is important to plan out what I want to do as carefully as possible, because the last $250 I spent was on an old cassette deck which I attempted to repair, but made worse in the process.

  1. Buy a small 8KHz frequency response cassette recorder
  2. Buy an 8-bit microcomputer and connect it to the internet
    • A ZX Spectrum would be cheapest
    • A Commodore 64 is desirable
    • Apple IIs are waaayyy too expensive
    • A VIC-20 could work
  3. Buy a new 15KHz frequency response cassette deck
  4. Buy some CRT monitors (which are quite expensive now… they used to be worthless)
  5. Build my portable computer phone replacement
  6. Buy an analogue camcorder
  7. Buy a VHS cassette video editor
  8. Buy an old classic Macintosh, and link that to the internet
  9. Buy all the necessary gear to get set up to do electronics
    • Build synthesisers for Simon
    • Build my discrete component computer
    • Build headphone amplifiers
    • Make an analogue computer
  10. Build my command line phone
  11. Put more money into my VPS
  12. Vague idea: do something with a Raspberry Pi
  13. Make a Raspberry Pi Zero vlog camera
  14. Impossible: Do something with 8mm or 16mm film
  15. Buy a pancake lens cap for my micro four-thirds camera so I can vlog with it
  16. Do something with Laserdisks
  17. Buy a tape duplicator/copier
  18. Get a 3D printer

I suppose the themes that these projects dissolve into are:

In other news, the three cassettes I bought from Egg Records in Newtown are fantastic. The Blues Brothers Cassette sounds great. I can’t seem to find my red earbud headphones. Maybe the dog ate them. They could be in a pair of pants I haven’t washed, though.

Cool Blues Brothers song quote: “Honey, I know I gave up cigarettes as my New Year’s Resolution, but I didn’t give up SMOKIN’ “.

Part Two

This blog post hasn’t helped at all!! I have no idea what to do with the money.

If I can find a small enough analogue vlog camera, I could consider that option.

I think what I will definitely do is:

That’s all I can think of.